We Build SG Slack Bot

Slack by cheeaun

Integrate with Slack

Watch the video or follow these steps:

  1. Log in as admin in your Slack chat group
  2. Copy the webhook url https://run.blockspring.com/api_v2/blocks/webuildsg-slack?api_key=br_1888_f29456f62d48e753b40fad9c86973c3c94cf27f2
  3. Go to the channel of your choice in the chat
  4. Click Add a Service Integration
  5. Select Outgoing WebHooks
  6. Paste in the URL copied in Step 2
  7. Under section Integration Setting, add Trigger Word(s) as webuild
  8. Under section Integration Setting, paste the url in URL(s) copied in Step 2
  9. Click Save Setting
  10. Go to your chat channel and type webuild. Voila :)

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