Query Public Sheet

Google Sheets by donpinkus

UPDATE 2018: To use Google Sheets as a database, use Blockspring Pages: https://open.blockspring.com/pages.

This block will query a public Google Spreadsheet, and return the results as JSON.

1. Enter the URL for your Google Spreadsheet.
- You'll need to make your spreadsheet publicly shareable. Click the "Share" button, then "Advanced", then "Change", then "On - Anyone with the link", then "Save".
- Copy/paste the URL Google gives you right into the form below.

2. Enter a query.
This is very similar to SQL but with some differences. The primary difference is instead of column names, you use the Column Letter (A, B, C, D, etc). Here is Google's documentation for more info.

** Note - this function assumes the first row of your spreadsheet has headers. Also, Google has some strange issues here. Your first row of data needs to have at least 1 number, and you cannot have any columns of timestamps.

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