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Sometimes a demo is worth a thousand words. Start with a preloaded list of companies and experience the power of Blockspring.

Popular Enrichments for Emails

Verified Email Finder using Anymail

You have peoples' names, now you need emails. Don't spend all day scrounging websites for contact info. Anymail automates the process of finding real, verified email addresses.

Use for: Getting peoples' verified emails
What you need: List of peoples' names and company URL

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Employee Email Finder using

You have a list of companies, now it's time to find email addresses for your outbound campaign. That's where Hunter comes to the rescue. Instead of searching for emails, you can build a prospect list in minutes.

Use for: Getting employee emails
What you need: List of company URLs

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Validate Emails using Neverbounce

Sending campaigns to bad email addresses is bad for so many ways. That's what Neverbounce is for. Upload a list of emails and know which are real and which aren't. Try it out!

Use for: Validating a list of emails
What you need: List of emails

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