Employee Email Finder using Hunter.io

You have a list of companies, now it's time to find email addresses for your outbound campaign. That's where Hunter comes to the rescue. Instead of searching for emails, you can build a prospect list in minutes.

Company URL

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Email Name Seniority Department Phone
jlewandowski@apple.com Jason Lewandowski Manufacturing
bkeepers@github.com Brandon Keepers Senior IT
vicent@github.com Vicent Marti Senior IT
hiroshi@nintendo.com Hiroshi Yamauchi Director
jonathan.yohannan@panerabread.com Jonathan Yohannan Executive Communication +1 312 629 7219

How it Works

  • Select a list of company URLs
  • Create a list of employee email addresses for each company using Hunter

About Hunter.io

Hunter.io lets you find email addresses to connect with the people that matter for your business.

What data do I get?

Hunter.io retrieves email addresses from its database, and sometimes returns names, locations, job titles, department, seniority levels, social profiles, and phone numbers.


Each batch of 10 emails you get with Hunter.io is 5 credits. You are only charged for a batch if Hunter.io finds one or more result per company.

You get 1k credits free per month with your subscription to Blockspring Lists. You can buy more anytime at $10 per 1k credits.


No limitations. Search Hunter.io as much as you want per month.