Text Utilities


Utilities for working with and analyzing text.

Count Occurrence of Words Within Text

Given some text, count how many times a string appears in it....

Email Permutator

Get a list of potential email addresses given a name, last name, and domain.

Extract Emails from Text

Given a body of text, extract all valid emails....

Extract Text from HTML

Strip tags from HTML to pull out the content.

Join a List of Items

Join a list of items into a single string of text. Your "d...

Parse Names

Parse human name into components (first, last, title, etc).

Sentence Tokenizer

Splits up text into a list of its sentences.

Split Text by Custom Separator

Split text by a custom separator.

Split Text by New Line

Split text by new line.

Summarize Text on a Webpage

This script will return a summary of the text on a webpage. I...