Web Scraping

Web scraping is the extraction of information or particular content from a web page. Competitor Search

Find competitors and alternatives for most websites and software.

Download File from URL

Download a file from URL, regardless if the file has redirect...

Find Webpage Link that Matches Text

Search a webpage for the first link that matches a string of ...

Get Filetype from URL

Given a URL for a file, get the file extension....


Get all HTML from a website....

Get Links From URL

Get all links on a website. This function caches results f...

Get Recent News about Topic

Search Google News for a topic and returns a list of recent a...

Get Text From URL

Get all text on a website.

Google Indexed Page Count

Enter a domain name and get the number of pages Google has indexed.

PDF Reader from URL

Read the text from a PDF on the web.

Screenshot A Website

Given a URL, returns a screenshot.

Spreadsheet URL to Table

Pull CSV, TSV, XLSX, or XLS files from the web into a table.

Summarize Text on a Webpage

This script will return a summary of the text on a webpage. I...

URL Expander

Enter a short url to get the expanded url after following red...