Data Visualizations

Communicate information clearly and efficiently by encoding data into simple graphics.

Area Chart

Create an interactive area chart.

Bar Chart

Create an interactive bar chart. Supports multiple series.

Basketball Shot Chart

Visualize basketball shots on the court.

Bubble Chart

Bubble charts let you display data in a cluster of circles. ...

Heatmap by Hour and Day

Generate a heatmap visualization from "day, hour, and value".

Line Chart

Creates an interactive line chart.

Line chart (non-interactive)

Basic, non-interactive, line graph created with d3....

Parallel Coordinates

Easily visualize multi-dimensional data!

Pie Chart

Creates an interactive pie chart.

Scatter Chart

Creates an interactive scatter chart.

Single Series Bar Chart

Creates an interactive bar chart. Only supports one series.

Suped-Up Table

Toss your data into an interactive table. Supports multi-colu...

US Heatmap

Graph distribution of data by US states. Choose which colors ...

Word Cloud

Display how frequently words appear in a given body of text....