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Look up people, companies, locations, and watchlists with Clearbit.

(FREE TIER) Clearbit offers a free tier with limited capabilities.



Create Lead Profiles - Enrich Emails

Given a list of emails, this template will get demographics, social info, and company information for each contact.

Enrich Company List

Automate data enrichment for companies.


Check Connection

Check whether you're properly signed up for Clearbit in Blockspring.

Discovery - Company Autocomplete

Auto-complete company names and retrieve logo and domain information.

Discovery - Company Search

Search for companies via specific criteria. For example, you ...

Enrichment - Company's Logo

Given a company's domain address, find their logo with Clearb...

Enrichment - Find Company by Domain

Given a company's domain address, find their legal name, doma...

Enrichment - Find Person by Email

Given an email address, find someone's name, gender, location...

Watchlists - Check Entities

Check entities against a consolidated global watchlist with C...

Watchlists - Check Individuals

Check individuals against a consolidated global watchlist wit...