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A messaging app for teams.

(FREE) Slack is a free service. However, they limit the number of requests you can make.


Convert Channel Name to ID

Given a channel name, get the Slack channel ID....


List all private channels (groups).


List all IM channels for private messaging other users.

Invite User to Team

Given someone's email, invite them to your Slack team automat...

Message Search

Search across messages and files on Slack....

Post File

Post a file to Slack....

Post Message

Posts a message to a Slack channel.

Public Channels

Get all public Slack channels on your team.

Set Channel Topic

Update a Slack channel's topic....

Team's Info

Get info about your team.

User Emails

Gets the e-mails of all users in a Slack team....

User Profiles

Gets the profiles of all users in a Slack team....


Get a list of all or active Slack users on your team.