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Web Utilities

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Utilities for working with webpages.

(FREE) Web Utilities is a free service. However, they limit the number of requests you can make.


Build Email List from Names and Companies

Find peoples' email addresses given a list of their first names, last names, and company name.

Get Company Webpage and Domain URLs

Given a list of company names, find most likely webpage and domain for each.


Get Filetype from URL

Given a URL for a file, get the file extension....

Random Alphanumeric String

Generate a random alphanumeric string. Optionally control the string length.

URL Expander

Enter a short url to get the expanded url after following red...

URL Parser

Given a URL, returns its components as JSON.

URL to Domain

Extract the domain of a URL.

XML/JSON Explorer

Explore through a XML or JSON try. Provide a link to XML/...