Google Sheets

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets in the cloud.

Append Values to Sheet

Append a set of values to an existing google spreadsheet....

Check Connection

Check whether you're properly signed up for Google Sheets in Blockspring.

Clear Worksheet

Remove all data from a worksheet and optionally keep headers.

Create Blank Spreadsheet in Particular Google Drive Folder

Add a new spreadsheet with the given name to your Google Drive.

Find or Create Spreadsheet, Then Add Values (Google Drive)

Given a filename, path, and values, this function will: - Ch...

Find or Create Spreadsheet within Drive Folder

Get the ID of a spreadsheet on Google drive, or create it.

Query Public Sheet

Use SQL to query a Google spreadsheet.

Read Cell

Read cell from worksheet.

Read Worksheet

Read the contents of a Google Sheet worksheet.

Replace Values in Sheet

Starting from the first cell, this function replaces the valu...

Search Column

Search a column of a worksheet and return the match's full row.

Update Cell

Update a cell in a Google Sheet given it's row and column number.

Worksheet Column Headers

Get column headers of a worksheet in Google Sheets.


Get list of worksheets in a spreadsheet.