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Campaign Abuse Reports

A list of abuse complaints for a specific campaign.

Campaign Activity Time Series

Get sent and click details by time for a Mailchimp campaign.

Campaign Advice Reports

A list of Mailchimp feedback based on a campaign's statistics.

Campaign Domain Performance

Statistics for the top-performing domains in a campaign.

Campaign Email Activity

A list of member's subscriber activity in a specific campaign.

Campaign Email Activity by Subscriber

A list of a member's subscriber activity in a specific campaign.

Campaign Feedback

A summary of the comment feedback for a specific campaign.

Campaign Open Locations

Top open locations for a specific campaign.

Campaign Properties

A list of properties returned from Mailchimp for a Campaign.


A list of the campaigns in a Mailchimp account.

Campaign's Info

Get information for a specific campaign, including reports if sent.

Campaign Sub Reports

A list of reports for child campaigns of a specific parent campaign.

Campaign Subscriber Status

A subscriber's status for a specific campaign.

Campaign Unsubscribes

A list of members who unsubscribed from a specific campaign.

Campaign URL Click Details

A list of URLs and unique IDs included in campaign.

Campaign URL Clicks Details

A URL and unique ID included in HTML and plain-text versions of a campaign.

Campaign URL Member Clicks

A list of subscribers who clicked on a specific URL in a campaign.

Identify Datacenter ID

Identifies the Mailchimp Data Center that is assigned to your account.

List Activity

Up to 180 days of the most recent daily, aggregated activity statis for a list.

List Growth History

A summary of a specific list's growth activity for a specific month and year.

List Interest Categories

Interest categories are used to organize a list's subscribers.

List Members

Individuals who are currently or have, at one time, been subscribed to a list.

List Member's Info

Get a Mailchimp list member's info including stats.

List Merge Fields

The merge field (formerly merge vars) for a given list.


Retrieve Mailchimp subscribers lists and statistics.

List Segments

A list of available segments.

List Subscribers

Get subscribers to a Mailchimp list.


A list of reports containing campaigns marked as Sent.

Subscribers Who Were Sent Campaign

A list of subscribers who were sent a specific campaign.