Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called "tweets."

Add to List

Add someone to one of your Twitter lists.

Check Twitter Friendship

Check if user 1 is following user 2. Requires you to input us...

Delete Tweet

Delete one of your own tweets.

Fave a Tweet

This function fave's a tweet, given a Tweet ID (find in its U...

Find Neighborhood of Location

Find the neighborhood name of a latitude and longitude....

Follow a User on Twitter

Follow a person on Twitter given their username....

Get a User's Followers

Find the latest people following a user on Twitter. Return...

Get a User's Info on Twitter

Get more info about a user from Twitter....

Get a User's Latest Tweets

Given a username, find that user's latest Tweets....

Get a User's Most Recent Tweet

Given a username, find that user's latest tweet....

Get Info About a Tweet

Get more info about a specific tweet from Twitter....

Get Twitter Trends

Given a WOEID, get current Twitter trends.

Get User's Recent Favorites

Given a username, find tweets that user has recently favorite...

Get Your Twitter Timeline

Get the most recent tweets from your timeline....

List Members

Get members of a list.

Post a Direct Message

Send a direct twitter message to a user from your account....

Post a Tweet

Send a tweet from your twitter account. Can also reply to existing Tweets.

Retweet a Tweet

Retweet a tweet given its ID. You can find a tweet ID in t...

Search for a Twitter User

Given information about someone, find Twitter profile match.

Search for Tweets

Given a search query, find recent tweets on Twitter....

Search for Users

Find Twitter users that match a certain term.

See Who a User is Following

Given a username, see who that person is following on Twitter...

User's Followers (IDs)

Get IDs of a users's followers.

User's Friends (IDs)

Get IDs of users someone follows. Returns up to 5000.

User's Lists

Get a user's lists on Twitter.

Which Users Retweeted a Tweet

Given a tweet id, find which users retweeted that tweet. The ...