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Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called "tweets."

(FREE) Twitter is a free service. However, they limit the number of requests you can make.

Login with Twitter


Add to List

Add someone to one of your Twitter lists.

Check Twitter Friendship

Check if user 1 is following user 2. Requires you to input us...

Delete Tweet

Delete one of your own tweets.

Fave a Tweet

This function fave's a tweet, given a Tweet ID (find in its U...

Find Neighborhood of Location

Find the neighborhood name of a latitude and longitude....

Follow a User on Twitter

Follow a person on Twitter given their username....

Get a User's Followers

Find the latest people following a user on Twitter. Return...

Get a User's Info on Twitter

Get more info about a user from Twitter....

Get a User's Latest Tweets

Given a username, find that user's latest Tweets....

Get a User's Most Recent Tweet

Given a username, find that user's latest tweet....

Get Info About a Tweet

Get more info about a specific tweet from Twitter....

Get Twitter Trends

Given a WOEID, get current Twitter trends.

Get User's Recent Favorites

Given a username, find tweets that user has recently favorite...

Get Your Twitter Timeline

Get the most recent tweets from your timeline....

List Members

Get members of a list.

Post a Direct Message

Send a direct twitter message to a user from your account....

Post a Tweet

Send a tweet from your twitter account. Can also reply to existing Tweets.

Retweet a Tweet

Retweet a tweet given its ID. You can find a tweet ID in t...

Search for a Twitter User

Given information about someone, find Twitter profile match.

Search for Tweets

Given a search query, find recent tweets on Twitter....

Search for Users

Find Twitter users that match a certain term.

See Who a User is Following

Given a username, see who that person is following on Twitter...

Unfollow a User on Twitter

Unfollow a Twitter user given their username.

User's Followers (IDs)

Get IDs of a users's followers.

User's Friends (IDs)

Get IDs of users someone follows. Returns up to 5000.

User's Lists

Get a user's lists on Twitter.

Which Users Retweeted a Tweet

Given a tweet id, find which users retweeted that tweet. The ...