Get content ideas on a topic using "Skyscraper" analysis

By Paul Karayan


This template helps you find content ideas that have generated interest in the past, based on a topic of your choosing.

It's a form of Skyscraper Analysis - a technique for link building & content creation in which you identify content that has performed particularly well (i.e. lots of social sharing or backlinks) and then try to create an even better version. One can reach out to the people who shared or linked to the prior art to see if they can get additional traction.


All APIs used in this template (SharedCount, Bing! web search, MOZ) have a free tier, which can limit the amount of analysis you can do.



Third Party Services
  • Bing Bing Search
  • Moz Moz
  • Shared count SharedCount
You will need an account with each third party service. The template will walk you through creating these accounts.