Build Email List from Names and Companies

By Paul Karayan


Find peoples' email addresses given a list of their first names, last names, and company name.

  • If you know the sort of people you want to connect with but don’t have their contact information, this template is your Golden Ticket.
  • Great for users in Sales, Recruiting, Design & Market Research

As a next step, try enriching your email contact list with demographics, social, and company information to provide more personalized interactions (and drive higher conversions) using templates like this one.


  • The email addresses are "Best Effort", meaning that not every contact will match with the correct email address (or at all)
  • Email Hunter offers a free tier (200 emails/day), with details on other plans here



Third Party Services
  • Hunter Hunter
You will need an account with each third party service. The template will walk you through creating these accounts.